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British Tomato Fortnight 2022 - how to grow your own and what to do with them Posted On 30 May 2022

They are one of the most versatile items in the food cupboard


Whether they are actually fruits or vegetables, tomatoes are great.


Used in a range of popular recipes, either as a side dish when grilled on a barbecue or the perfect partner to lettuce on a good burger, tomatoes are wonderful - however you slice it.


Up until Sunday, June 5 it is British Tomato Fortnight, shining the light on British-grown tomatoes.

Why not try your arm at growing your own tomatoes in the garden and here is a great tip on how to use up any tomatoes you may have left.


Tips on starting to grow your own tomatoes


When growing tomatoes from seed, the most common way of growing them, they need to be under warm conditions to begin germination.


They should be kept in a dark place and at a temperature of between 16 and 30 degrees.


The best trick to satisfy this is to be begin the growing process indoors before being moved to a protective space, such as a conservatory, windowsill or greenhouse once the plant begins to germinate.


Make sure you do not move them outdoors to grow until spring as tomato plants are very sensitive to frost and can easily die.


Once the plant itself begins to grow and has developed a second set of leaves, this is the point where it should be re-potted into a larger pot to enable the roots to spread.


How to use up leftover tomatoes


When looking to use up tomatoes before they go bad, a great way is to turn them into a preservative.


Tomato ketchup is a staple of any breakfast table and is equally as perfect with chips, eggs or on a bacon sandwich.


Making your own is quite simple and does not even have to require any cooking.


Add tomatoes, tomato paste, water, onion powder, garlic powder, white vinegar, brown sugar and a bit of salt and pepper into a blender and simply mix it up until the sauce is of a smooth texture.



Adjust each spice and ingredient to your personal liking to create a bespoke tomato ketchup, just for you.

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