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Does your home have kerb appeal? Posted On 29 June 2021

5 tips to make a good first impression


First impressions count and houses are no exception to this rule. Often known as ‘kerb appeal’- it’s the small details which can make a big difference when trying to catch the interest of potential buyers. Kerb appeal is basically what your house looks like from the exterior and covers everything from the colour of your door to the quality of your roof. Studies have shown that buyers will pay £57,000 less for a house if it doesn’t display adequate kerb appeal. Kerb appeal can attract drive-by viewings and will be the first image displayed when advertised online so it’s well worth taking the time to make sure your house looks it’s best. Read on for the top 5 kerb appeal tips.

1) Your door- chipped or worn paint work puts out the impression that your house has not been cared for. A quick refresh is an instant way to boost the kerb appeal of your property. Use metal polish on worn out features to remove any rust and give your door a new lease of life. You could also update your door knocker (bees and foxes are particularly popular right now) or change your letterbox. A new house number or name will also help to showcase your home in its best light.

2) Exterior- step outside your property and objectively consider what catches your eye first. If it’s wood clad or rendered and looking tired it might be worth considering a fresh lick of paint. Jet washing any paving and weed killing unwanted greenery are also worth doing.

3) Windows- clean windows not only improve kerb appeal but will let maximum light into your home creating a lighter, more spacious feel during those all-important viewings. Don’t forget the window frames as well, ensure they’re clean and again, if wooden, consider re-painting. Features such as window boxes can add an element of charm to the exterior view of your home but need to be well kept.

4) Bins- essential in every home but not very appealing. Either ensure they can be tucked out of sight or invest in some attractive storage so they don’t detract from the appearance of your property.

5) Light the way- outdoor lighting adds instant appeal to a house and when placed correctly draws you to the front door. Make sure you employ an electrician to fit these to ensure they meet regulations and are safe.

Sometimes judging a book by its cover does still happen so make sure your home offers a cover which entices people to look inside.

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